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dr Katarzyna Natalia Jarzembska - Publication list

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dr Katarzyna Natalia Jarzembska
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  1. Durka K., Luliński S., Jarzembska K.N., Smętek J., Serwatowski J., Woźniak K., 2014, Competition between hydrogen and halogen bonding in the structures of 5,10-dihydroxy-5-10-dihydroboranthrenesActa Crystallographica B70: 157-171 (invited paper to a special issue on Crystal engineering)
  2. Kamiński R., Domagała S., Jarzembska K.N., Hoser A., Sanjuan-Szklarz W., Gutmann M., Makal A., Malińska M., Bąk J., Woźniak K., 2014, Statistical analysis of multipole-model-derived structural parameters and charge density properties from high-resolution X-ray diffraction experimentsActa Crystallographica A70: 72-91 
  3. Durka K., Jarzembska K.N., Kamiński R., Luliński S., Serwatowski J., Woźniak K., 2013, Nanotubular hydrogen-bonded organic framework architecture of 1,2-phenylenediboronic acid hosting ice clustersCrystal Growth&Design 13: 4181-4185
  4. Jarzembska K.N., Kamiński R., Wenger E., Lecomte C., Dominiak P.M., 2013, Interplay between charge density distribution, crystal structure energetic features, and crystal morphology of 6-methyl-2-thiouracil,  Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117: 7764-7775
  5. Kamiński R., Jarzembska K.N., Domagała S., 2013, CLUSTERGEN: a program for  molecular cluster generation from crystallographic data, Journal of Applied crystallography 46: 540-543
  6. Jarzembska K.N., Goral A.M., Gajda R., Dominiak P.M., 2013, Hoogsteen-Watson-Crick 9-methyladenine:1-methylthymine complex: charge density study in the context of crystal engineering and nucleic acid base pairing, Crystal Growth&Design 13: 239-254
  7. Durka K., Jarzembska K.N., Kamiński R., Luliński S., Serwatowski J., Woźniak K., 2012, Structural and energetic landscape of fluorinated 1,4-phenyldiboronic acids, Crystal Growth&Design 12: 3720-3734
  8. Hoser A., Jarzembska K.N., Dobrzycki Ł., Guttmann M., Woźniak K., 2012, On the Differences in Charge Density Distributions and Stability of Two Polymorphs of Benzidine Dihydrochloride, Crystal Growth&Design 12: 2336-2345
  9. Jarzembska K.N., Kamiński D., Hoser A., Malińska M., Senczyna B., Woźniak K., Gagoś M., 2012, Controlled Crystallisation, Structure and Molecular Properties of Iodoacetylamphotericin B, Crystal Growth&Design 12: 2336-2345
  10. Jarzembska K.N., Kubsik M., Kamiński R., Woźniak K., Dominiak P.M., 2012,From a single molecule to molecular crystal architectures - structural and energetic studies of selected uracil derivatives,Crystal Growth&Design 12: 2508-2524
  11. Jarzembska K.N. and Dominiak P.M., 2012, New version of the Theoretical Databank of Transferable Aspherical Pseudoatoms UBDB- towards nucleic acid modelling, Acta Crystallographica A68: 139-147
  12. Czyżnikowska Ż., Zaleśny R., Lipkowski P., Góra R.W., Jarzembska K.N., Dominiak P.M., Leszczyński J., 2010, Structural variability and the nature of intermolecular interactions in Watson-Crick  B-DNA base pairs,  Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114: 9629-9644
  13. Szadkowska A., Gstrein X., Burtscher D., Jarzembska K., Woźniak K., Slugovc Ch., Grela K., 2010, Latent Thermo-Switchable Olefin Metathesis Initiators Bearing a Pyridyl-Functionalized Chelating Carbene: Influence of the Leaving Group’s Rigidity on the Catalyst’s Performance, Organometallics 29: 117-124
  14. Jarzembska K., Seal S., Woźniak K, Szadkowska A., Bieniek M., Grela K., 2009, XPS and Reactivity Studies of a Series of Ruthenium Catalysts, ChemCatChem 1: 144-151
  15. Dominiak P.M., Volkov A., Dominiak A.P., Jarzembska K.N., Coppens P., 2009, Combining crystallographic information and an aspherical-atom databank in the evaluation of the electrostatic interaction-energy in an enzyme-substrate complex: Influenza Neuraminidase inhibition, Acta Crystallographica D65: 485-499 (IUCr Highlight)
  16. Barbasiewicz M., Szadkowska A., Makal A., Jarzembska K., Woźniak K., Grela K., 2008, Is the Hoveyda-Grubbs Complex a Vinylogous Fischer-Type Carbene? Aromaticy-Controlled Activity of Ruthenium Metathesis Catalysts, Chemistry- a European Journal 14: 9330-9337
  17. Bieniek M., Bujok R., Stepowska H., Jacobi A., Hagenkötter R., Arlt D., Jarzembska K., Makal A., Woźniak K., Grela K., 2006, New Air-Stable Ruthenium Olefin Metathesis Precatalysts Derived from Bisphenol S, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 691: 5289-5297 (invited paper to a special issue entitled "Transition Metal Mediated Metathesis")


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