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Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman

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Grzegorz Wesela-Bauman
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Fields of specialization

Ø  organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry focused on boron and lithium compounds,

Ø  crystallography (low and high-resolution measurements, HP techniques),

Ø  materials chemistry,

Ø  theoretical chemistry.

E-Mail: grzegorz.wesela [at]

Scientific experience:

14.06-31.08.2013         Internship in prof.Philipa Coppens’s group, SUNY University, Buffalo, NY, USA, (photocrystallography).

9.10-16.10.2012           Measurements and the Diamond Light Source Ltd, UK, Didcot (Oxfordshire), (low temperature high-pressure single crystal measurements)

19.06-17.10 2012         Internship in prof.  Simona Parsons’s group, University of  Edinburgh, UK, ("Structure of borinic quinolinate complexes at high pressure"),

2012-2013                     Project leader of the BST grant:"Stability of borinic systems",

2012-                              Executing project in the Wroclaw Centre for Networking and Supercomputing,

2012 -08.2015              Executing project „Bimetallic heteroaromaticboranes – new reagents in organic synthesis and materials chemistry” within the NCN grant 2011/02/B/ST5/02755,

2011-2012                     Project leader of the BST grant"Supramolecular chemistry of diboronic acids "

07.2009 – 08.2009       Executing project: „Stability and rearrangement in organolithiums”, Chemistry department of Warsaw University of Technology, prof. dr hab. inż. Janusz Serwatowski’s group,

2009 -                             Executing project in the Interdisciplinary Centre of High-Power computers in Warsaw, “Structure and reactivity of complexes” (G33-14),

2009-2012                     Executing project „Optimization of synthesis of derivatives of tartaric acid”, Laboratory of Technological Processes (LPT), Warsaw University of Technology in prof. dr hab. Ludwik Synoradzki’s group,

03.2009-06.2009          Executing project: „Lithation of thioethers” student at the Chemistry department of Warsaw University of Technology, prof. dr. hab. inż. Janusz Serwatowski’s group.

Scientific conferences:



Ø  MPD PW-UW Seminar, Kazimierz Dolny, Polska 16-18.01.2015, (oral presentation: "Synthesis, structure and physicochemical properties of model borinic complexes - towards their application in the light emitting devices.")



Ø  ICCC41 41st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Singapore, 21-25.07.2014, (oral presentation and poster: "The Chosen Groups of O,N-Chelate Boronic Complexes. From Single Molecule to Luminescent Materials in Oleds. ", awarded)

Ø  IUCR2014 23rd Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 5-12.08.2014, (poster: "Structure-properties relationship in Borinic Systems at high and normal pressure.")

Ø  GRC Crystal Engineering., Waterville Valley, NH, USA, 1-6.06.2014, (poster: “Competition between hydrogen and halogenbonding in the structures of 5,10-dihydroxy-5,10-dihydroboranthrenes”),

Ø  KDM session — Jachranka, Polska, 26-30.05.2014, (oral presentation: "Boron lights the way. Borinic luminescent materials in application in OLEDs.. Towards functional materials "),



Ø  From MPD to KNOW, Rawa Mazowiecka, Polska, 27-29.05.2013, (oral presentation: „The chosen groups of O,N-chelate borinic complexes. Towards application in OLEDs”).

Ø  KDM Session — Płock, Polska, 14-16.05.2013

(oral presentation: "Experimental and theoretical evaluation of the chosen groups of O,N-chelate borinic complexes. Towards functional materials"),

Ø  55th Crystallographic Conservatory, Wrocław, Polska 27-29.06.2013, (poster: "Kompleksy kwasów diboronowych oraz borantrenów z 8-hydroksychinoliną - w kierunku materiałów o właściwościach luminescencyjnych”,)



Ø  SAGAMORE XVII Conference on Electron Charge, Spin and Momentum Densities, Kitayuzawa, Hokkaido, Japan, 15-20.07.2012 (poster/oral presentation: "Charge density studies of model borinic complex"),



Ø  IIIrd Meeting of Bruker Equipment Users, Poznań, Polska 27-28.09.2011 (poster: "Charge Density Analyses of New Borinic Complexes”, awarded),

Ø  XXII Congress and General Assembly, International Union of Crystallography, IUCr2011, Madrid, Spain, 22-30.08.2011, (poster: “On the investigation of Borinic complexes towards application in functional materials”),

Ø  53rd Crystallographic Conservatory, Wrocław, Polska 30.06-2.07.2011 (poster: "Synthesis and crystal structure of the chosen borinic complexes”),

Ø  FINELUMEN International Summer School 2011, “Advanced Physical Methods for Organic, Inorganic, and Hybrid Materials”, Łochów, Polska, 23-27.05, 2011 (poster:

Impact of Boron Coordination on Luminescence. Joint experimental and theoretical studies.”),

Ø  Sesja użytkowników Komputerów Dużej Mocy (KDM), Będlewo, Polska, 23-25.03.2011, (oral presentation and poster: „Investigation of borinic quinolin-8-ol systems”),



Ø  52nd Crystallographic Conservatory, Wrocław, Polska 24-26.06.2010, (posters: "Tartaric acid derivatives with biological membrane like structure", "Experimental and theoretical studies of new nonsymmetrical borinic azaestres. From single molecules to electroluminescent devices")



Ø  YoungChem, Rynia, Polska 14-18.10.2009 (poster: "Halogen-lithium exchange versus deprotonation. Regioselective mono- and dilithiation of aryl-benzyl sulfides")

Ø  52nd Congress of PTChem and SIiTPCh, Łódź, Polska 12-16.09.2009, (poster: "Reaction of substituted aryl benzyl  thioethers with organolithium and lithium amides")

Workshops and Training courses

Ø  Workshop „Particle in the chemical surrounding”, Politechnika Wrocławska, Wrocław, Polska, 25-27.02.2015,

Ø  Training in operation of DSC and TGA equipment from Mettler, UW, Warszawa,

Ø  Training in operation of NMR spectrometers Varian and Bruker, UW, Warszawa,

Ø  Introduction into CrysAlisPro, UW, Warszawa,

Ø  "Workshop on Dynamic Structural Photocrystallography in Chemistry and Materials Science" w University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 16-20.06.2013,

Ø  "Amsterdam Density Functional Program", PW, Warszawa, 23-26.09.2013

Ø   „Introduction into Pythona” ICM, Warszawa, Polska, 19.12.2012,

Ø  2011 International School on Charge Density, Jaca, Spain, 30.08-4.09.2011,

Ø  “ Introduction into MATLAB”, ICM, Warszawa, Polska, 8.12.2010.


Invited seminars

11.02.2015 in the group headed by dr. hab. Wojciech Bury, PW, Warszawa, Polska,

27.06.2013 in the group headed by prof. Philip Coppens, SUNY University, Buffalo, NY, USA,

16.07.2012 in the group headed byprof. Yoshiki Chujo,Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan,

04.06.2012 in the group headed byprof. Simon Parsons,University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK.



Scientific papers:

1.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,* Urban M., Luliński S., Serwatowski J.  and Woźniak K., Org.Biomol.Chem.,(IF = 3.487),2015,11, 3268-3279.

2.       Durka K., Lulinski S., Wesela-Bauman, G,* Serwatowski J., Woźniak K., Smetek J., Szczepanik P., Wawrzyniak U. E., Glowacki I., Luszczynska B., Witkowska E. and Wiosna-Salyga G., J. Mater. Chem. C,(IF = 6.626),2015, 3, 1354-1364.

3.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,*J., Parsons, S., Serwatowski, J. & Wozniak, K., "Effect of High Pressure on the Crystal Structure and Charge Transport Properties of (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)(4-iodophenyl)borinic 8-oxyquinolinate complex", CrystEngComm (IF = 3.858), 2014, 47, 10780–10790

4.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,*Lulinski, S., Serwatowski, J. & Wozniak, K., "Charge transfer properties of two polymorphs of luminescent (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)(2,2’-biphenyl)borinic 8-oxyquinolinate", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (IF = 4.198), 2014, 16, 22762–22774,

5.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,*Ciećwierz, P., Durka, K., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., , "Heteroleptic (2-fluoro-3-pyridyl)arylborinic 8-oxyquinolinates for the potential application in Organic Light-Emitting Devices", Inorganic Chemistry (IF = 4.601), 2013, 52, 10846–10859,

6.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,*Jastrzębski, L., Kurach, P., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., , "Synthesis of functionalized diarylborinic 8-oxyquinolates via bimetallic boron-lithium intermediates", Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (IF = 2.384), 2012, 711, 1–9,

7.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,*Boinski, T., Dominiak, P., Hajmowicz, H., Synoradzki, L., Wierzbicki, M., Wolinski, B., Wozniak, K., Zawada, K., , "Tartaric acid and its o-acyl derivaties, part 7, crystal structure of o-p-anisoyl-d-tartaric acid and its dimethylammonium salt trihydrate", Journal of Structural Chemistry (IF = 0.586), 2013, 54, 155-158,

8.       Kliś, T., Serwatowski, J., Wesela-Bauman, G., Zadrożna, M, "Halogen–lithium exchange versus deprotonation: regioselective mono- and dilithiation of aryl benzyl sulfides. A simple approach to a,2-dilithiotoluene equivalents", Tetrahedron Letters (IF = 2.683), 2010, 51(13), 1685–1689,


Conference papers:

1.       Wesela-Bauman, G., Kurach P., Jastrzębski, L., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., "Borinic complexes - towards applications in functional materials", Acta Crystallographica (IF = 2.076), 2011, A67, C404–405,

2.       Wesela-Bauman, G., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., Finelumen- International Summer School, „Advanced Physical Methods for Orgainc, Inorganic, and Hybrid Materials”, 2011, ISBN: 978-83-61208-91-4,

3.       Wesela-Bauman, G.,Parsons S., Luliński, S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., "Structure-properties relationship in Borinic Systems at high and normal pressure, Acta Crystallographica (IF = 2.069), 2014, A70, C1264,

4.       Wesela-Bauman, G., Durka, K..,Luliński, Ciećwierz, P., S., Serwatowski, J., Woźniak, K., 53 Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne, IV Sesja Naukowa i Warsztaty PTK, Instytut Niskich Temperatur i Badań Strukturalnych PAN, Wrocław oraz Komitet Krystalografii PAN, 2011, ISBN: 978-83-906218-4-5,

5.       Durka, K..,Wesela-Bauman, G., Jarzembska, K., 55 Konwersatorium Krystalograficzne, IV Sesja Naukowa i Warsztaty PTK, Instytut Niskich Temperatur i Badań Strukturalnych PAN, Wrocław oraz Komitet Krystalografii PAN, 2013, ISBN: 978-83-906218-7-6.

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