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dr Roman Gajda - Publication list

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dr Roman Gajda
Curriculum Vitae
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  1. P. Piszora, J. Darul, W. Nowicki, A. Budzianowski, M. Podsiadlo, R. Gajda, C. Lathe, Influence of high pressure on structure of LiMn2O4 and Li1.025Mn1.975O4, HASYLAB (2005) 379-380.
  2. A. Budzianowski, J. Darul, R. Gajda, C. Lathe, W. Nowicki, P. Piszora, M. Podsiadlo, Energy disperse detection of new phases in organic compounds, HASYLAB (2005) 1103-1104.
  3. R. Gajda, K. Dziubek and A. Katrusiak, Absence of halogen···halogen interactions in chlorotrimethylsilane polymorphs, Acta Cryst. B 62 (2006) 86-93.
  4. K. Ejsmont, R. Gajda and M. Makowski, Conformation of tert-butoxycarbonylglycyl-dehydroalanyl-glycine methyl ester in the crystalline state and calculated in the gas phase, Acta Cryst. C 63 (2007) o80-o83.
  5. R. Gajda and A. Katrusiak, In-situ high-pressure study of the ordered phase of ethyl propionate, Acta Cryst. B 63 (2007) 111-117.
  6. R. Gajda and A. Katrusiak, Compressed hydrogen-bond effects in the pressure-frozen chloroacetic acid, Acta Cryst. B 63 (2007) 896-902.
  7. R. Gajda, A. Katrusiak, The interplay of molecular conformation and crystal packing in pressure-frozen tetramethylsilane, Cryst. Growth Des. 8 (2008) 211-214.
  8. R. Gajda, A. Katrusiak, Pressure-freezing with conformational conversion of 3-aminopropan-1-ol molecules, Acta Cryst. B 64 (2008) 476-482.
  9. R. Gajda, A. Katrusiak, Electrostatic matching versus close-packing molecular arrangement in compressed dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) polymorphs, J. Phys. Chem. B 113 (2009) 2436-2442.
  10. R. Gajda, A. Katrusiak, J. Crassous, Pressure-controlled aggregation in carboxylic-acids. A case study of the polymorphism of bromochlorofluoroacetic acid, Cryst. Eng. Comm. 11 (2009) 2668-2676.
  11. R. Gajda, A. Katrusiak, Pressure-Promoted CH···O Hydrogen Bonds in Formamide Aggregates, Cryst. Growth Des. 11 (2011) 4768-4774.

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