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Structural Biology Group - Publication list

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Maria Górna
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Maria Górna, Ph.D. - publication list:
  1. Byrgazov K, Kastner R, Gorna M, Hoermann G, Koenig M, Lucini CB, Ulreich R, Benesch M, Strenger V, Lackner H, Schwinger W, Sovinz P, Haas OA, van den Heuvel-Eibrink M, Niemeyer CM, Hantschel O, Valent P, Superti-Furga G, Urban C, Dworzak MN, Lion T (2017) NDEL1-PDGFRB fusion gene in a myeloid malignancy with eosinophilia associated with resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Leukemia. 31(1):237-240.
  2. Dikoglu E, Alfaiz A, Gorna M, Bertola D, Chae JH, Cho TJ, Derbent M, Alanay Y, Guran T, Kim OH, Llerenar JC Jr, Yamamoto G, Superti-Furga G, Reymond A, Xenarios I, Stevenson B, Campos-Xavier B, Bonafé L, Superti-Furga A, Unger S (2015) Mutations in LONP1, a mitochondrial matrix protease, cause CODAS syndrome. Am J Med Genet A. 167(7):1501-9.
  3. Dölker N#, Górna MW#, Sutto L, Torralba AS, Superti-Furga G, Gervasio FL (2014) The SH2 domain regulates c-Abl kinase activation by a cyclin-like mechanism and remodulation of the hinge motion. PLOS Comput Biol 10(10):e1003863.   
  4. Vladimer GI, Górna MW, Superti-Furga G (2014) IFITs: Emerging Roles As Key Anti-Viral Proteins. Front Immunol, 5:94.
  5. Bonafé L#, Liang J#, Górna MW#, Zhang Q, Ha-Vinh R, Campos-Xavier AB, Unger S, Beckmann J, Le Béchec A, Stevenson B, Giedion A, Liu X, Superti-Furga G, Wang W, Spahr A,Superti-Furga A (2014) MMP13 Mutations are the Cause of Recessive Metaphyseal Dysplasia, Spahr Type. Am J Med Genet A, 164:1175–9.
  6. Abbas YM, Pichlmair A#, Górna MW#, Superti-Furga G, Nagar B (2013) Structural basis for viral 5'-PPP-RNA recognition by human IFIT proteins.  Nature 494:60-4.
  7. Unger S#, Górna MW#, Le Béchec A#, Do Vale-Pereira S, Bedeschi MF, Geiberger S, Grigelioniene G, Horemuzova E, Lalatta F, Lausch E, Magnani C, Nampoothiri S, Nishimura G, Petrella D, Rojas-Ringeling F, Utsunomiya A, Zabel B, Pradervand S, Harshman K, Campos-Xavier B, Bonafé L, Superti-Furga G, Stevenson B, Superti-Furga A (2013) FAM111A Mutations Result in Hypoparathyroidism and Impaired Skeletal Development. Am J Hum Genet 92:990-5.
  8. Bandyra KJ, Said N, Pfeiffer V, Górna MW, Vogel J, Luisi BF (2012) The seed region of a small RNA drives the controlled destruction of the target mRNA by the endoribonuclease RNase E. Mol Cell 47:943-53.
  9. Górna MW, Carpousis AJ, Luisi BF (2012) From conformational chaos to robust regulation: the structure and function of the multi-enzyme RNA degradosome. Q Rev Biophys 45:105-45.
  10. Pichlmair A, Lassnig C, Eberle CA, Górna MW, Baumann CL, Burkard TR, Bürckstümmer T, Stefanovic A, Krieger S, Bennett KL, Rülicke T, Weber F, Colinge J, Müller M, Superti-Furga G (2011) IFIT1 is an antiviral protein that recognizes 5'-triphosphate RNA. Nat Immunol 12:624-30.
  11. Goncalves A, Bürckstümmer T, Dixit E, Scheicher R, Górna MW, Karayel E, Sugar C, Stukalov A, Berg T, Kralovics R, Planyavsky M, Bennett KL, Colinge J, Superti-Furga G (2011) Functional dissection of the TBK1 molecular network. PLoS One 6:e23971.
  12. Górna MW, Pietras Z, Tsai YC, Callaghan AJ, Hernández H, Robinson CV, Luisi BF (2010)  The regulatory protein RraA modulates RNA-binding and helicase activities of the E. coli RNA degradosome. RNA 16:553-62.
  13. Worrall JA#, Górna M#, Crump NT, Phillips LG, Tuck AC, Price AJ, Bavro VN, Luisi BF (2008) Reconstitution and analysis of the multi-enzyme Escherichia coli RNA degradosome. J Mol Biol 382:870-883.
  14. Worrall JA, Górna M, Pei XY, Spring DR, Nicholson RL, Luisi BF (2007) Design and chance in the self-assembly of macromolecules. Biochem Soc Trans 35:502-507.              

Selected published conference abstracts:

  1. Papac-Milicevic N, Mohlin FC, Weismann D, Ademi M, Busch CJ, Rebsamen M, Gritti BB, Gorna M, Kiss M, Alic L, Blom AM, Binder CJ (2016) Malondialdehyde epitopes act as hubs for complement activation on dying cells. Immunobiology 221(10):1147-8 (special issue: XXVI ICW Kanazawa 2016)
  2. Byrgazov K, Kastner R, Hoermann G, Gorna M, Koenig M, Hantschel O, Haas O, Valent P, Dworzak M, Urban C, Lion T (2015). NDEL1-PDGFRB fusion gene in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia associated with resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Haematologica 100 (Suppl 1):98-9 P304
  3. Górna MW, Vladimer GI, Abbas YM, Gebhardt A, Habjan M, Laudenbach BT, Dimech C, Xie IY, Bennett KL, Nagar B, Pichlmair A, Superti-Furga G (2015). Viral RNA binding by the human IFIT1-IFIT3 protein complex in the innate immune response. Acta Cryst A. A71: s250 (conference issue)
  4. Papac-Milicevic N, Mohlin FC, Weismann D, Busch CJ, Bartolini Gritti B, Gorna MW, Kiss M, Blom AM, Binder CJ (2015). Regulators of complement activity act as scavengers of malondialdehyde adducts - A novel role for C4b-binding protein. Molecular Immunology 67(1), 169-170


 #Equal contribution.

  • H-index (Scopus): 10
  • Citations (Scopus) > 600 (excl. autocitations)
  • 5-year IF of the journals > 140


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