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dr Anna Agnieszka Hoser

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dr Anna Agnieszka Hoser
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Science interest:

  • X-ray crystalography, experimental charge density studies, modelling thermal motion in crystals, hydrogen atoms modeling, crystal engineering (cocrystals), polymorphism, relative stability of polymorphs, new methods of extracting thermodynamic properties from X-ray diffraction data 

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6799-3073


  • phone: +48 22 5526356

  • e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


1.09.2015-                 Research Associate  University of Warsaw,

                                  Chemistry Department

08.2014-07.2015       Postdoctoral Fellow University of Copenhagen, 

                                  Prof. Anders Østergaard Madsen’s group

11.2013                      Ph.D.  under the supervision of Prof. Krzysztof Woźniak

                                  Title of the PhD Thesis:

                                 “Optimisation of the refinement procedure of charge density data

                                  and examples of its application”

2006 - 2013               Ph.D. studies in Prof. Krzysztof Woźniak’s group

June 2006                 M. Sc. under the supervision of Prof. Krzysztof Woźniak

                                  at Laboratory of Crystallography, Chemistry Department,

                                  University of Warsaw

2001 - 2006               College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies In Mathematics and Natural Sciences,

                                  University of Warsaw,Specialisation: physics, chemistry



08.2014-07.2015     Postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Anders Østergaard Madsen’s group at the University of Copenhagen

4.01 – 4.02.2013     scientific stay in Prof. Anders Østergaard Madsen’s group at the University of Copenhagen

17 – 24.07.2009       neutron measurements in ISIS in Chilton, UK17 – 24.07.2009 neutron measurements in ISIS in Chilton, UK



I was presenting results of my research on more than 10 international conferences in USA (Gordon Research Conferences), Germany, GB, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia.

Three times oral contributions:

23.08 – 28.08.2016 European Crystallographic Meeting 29, Rovinij, Croatia – oral presentation Improved thermal motion description for improved density models: „Towards Quantum Dynamic Crystallography”

25.08 – 29.08. 2013   European Crystallographic Meeting  (ECM28) - poster presentation and oral presentation: „Structural, energetic and charge density investigations of triptycene and its selected derivatives”

29.08 – 2.09.2010      European Crystallographic Meeting 26, Darmstadt, Germany – oral presentation „Experimental and Theoretical Charge Densities in two polymorphic systems”



2017 - Scholarship from Polish Ministry of Science for Young Outstanding Scientist

2016 - The Stewart Prize Award on ECDM7 for poster Aspirin polymorphs revisited by Anna A. Hoser, Ioana Sovago and Anders Ø. Madsen

2015 -Young Student IUCr Award, financial support Sagamore conference

2015 -IUCr Young Scientist Award, financial support 29th ECM

2012 - Financial Support from the 6th European Charge Density Meeting conference organisers

2010 - Financial Support from the 26 European Crystallographic Meeting conference organisers

2009 - Financial Support from the 16th Sagamore conference organisers

PhD Student Scientific Scholarship for the academic year 2008/2009

2009 – wan the first prize at the poster session during the Polish Crystallographic Meeting, Wrocław, Poland, for the poster entitled „Towards the best model for H atoms in experimental charge-density refinement”

2009 – wan the second award for the same poster at the Second Polish Bruker Users’ Meeting in Poznań, Poland

2009 - paper „Towards the best model for H atoms in experimental charge-density refinement” chosen as editors’ quarter’s best in Acta Cryst. A.

2009 - Mazovian Scholarship for PhD students



24.11.2016, 1.10.2018 HOMING FNP „Towards new methods of extracting thermodynamic properties from X-ray diffraction data of model polymorphic systems”


4.04.2012-3.10.2013, Iuventus plus, grant number 0176/IP3/2011/71 „Utilization of new procedures of X–ray diffraction data refinement in structural and charge density studies of biologically active compounds.

17.09.2012 -16.09.2014 Preludium, grant number UMO-2011/03/N/ST4/02943 Verification and quantification of the synthons approach on the basis of cocrystals of dihydroxybenzoic acids with N-donor heterocyclic compounds.”



2012/2013 Course on Statistics for postgraduate studies in Chemical Metrology (UW)

2011/2012 Course on Statistics for postgraduate studies in Chemical Metrology (UW)

2010/2011 Master student tutor

2010/2011 Course on Statistics for postgraduate studies in Chemical Metrology (UW)

2009/2010 X-ray Structural Analysis course, Course on Statistics for postgraduate studies in Chemical Metrology (UW)

2008/2009 X-ray Structural Analysis course, Crystallography course, Statistics

2007/2008 Crystallography course



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