Crystallization-related equipment

  • Protein crystallization robots (Mosquito LCP and Dragonfly, TTP Labtech) allowing for high-throughput automated crystallization approaches, including LCP for membrane proteins
  • Automatic imaging and storage system (Rock Imager, Formulatrix) for up to 1000 crystallization plates, with UV, visual light and polarized light visualization modes
  • High-quality stereo microscopes (SteREO Discovery V8 Zeiss, two X2000 OptaTech, SZX16 Olympus) for visualization and manipulation of crystals
  • One big and 7 small ultra-low vibration incubators (Molecular Dimensions) for crystallization at different temperatures
  • Module for temperature-gradient microcrystallization studies (Centeo)

X-ray diffractometers with LT attachments for cryo-measurements and setup for high-pressure studies

  • SuperNova Single Source Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (Mo)
  • SuperNova Single Source Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (Ag)
  • SuperNova Double Source Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (Mo, Cu)
  • 20 Diamond Anvil Cells for diffraction measurements under high pressure
  • Laboratory electrodrill for Diamond Anvil Cells
  • Spectrophotometer for pressure monitoring and calibration (Optiprexx PLS Almax easyLab)
  • Module for monitoring of liquid compression under high pressure
  • Liquid nitrogen generator (StirLin Economy)

Biophysics equipment

  • Microscale thermophoresis system (Monolith® NT.115 Blue/Red, NanoTemper) for ligand and protein binding studies
  • Plate reader (Infinite M200 PRO, Tecan) with absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence modes with an automated pipetting module for enzymatic assays and readouts
  • Thermal shift assays setup using RT-PCR (LightCycler® 96, Roche)
  • SEC-MALLS purification and analysis system for molecular weight determination
  • FPLC (NGC Quest™ Plus 10, Bio-Rad) coupled in-line with:
  • RI Detector (RefractoMax 521, Analytisch)
  • Dynamic Light Scattering Detector (DynaPro NanoStar, Wyatt)
  • 3-angle Static Light Scattering Detector (miniDAWN™ TREOS®, Wyatt)
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DynaPro NanoStar, Wyatt) in a batch mode for dispersity analysis
  • Nanospectrophotometer UV-Vis (Novix)

Physical chemistry equipment

  • Thermogravimetry analysis (TGA) apparatus (Stare Mettler Toledo) for phase transition studies and polymorphism screening
  • Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) (Stare Mettler Toledo) for phase transition studies and polymorphism screening
  • Glove box (Campus Jacomex) for air-sensitive samples
  • Melting point apparatus (MP70 Mettler Toledo)
  • Nanoparticle mill (Retisch Emax) for studies towards nanostructure
  • High-temperature ovens (Carbolite Gero 30-3000 °C) for inorganic synthesis

Moreover, we also have direct access to the equipment of the Structural Research Laboratory (SRL), which includes: SAXS (Nanostar) and two WAXS (D8 Discover) powder X-ray diffractometers equipped with Cu anode (1.54 Å), advanced spectrophotometers (CD spectrometers, spectrofluorimeter with TCSPC option, NSOM, FTIR Spectrometer with Raman Module, EPR Minispectrometer, XRF Spectrometer), HPLC coupled with Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, additional Single Crystal Rotating Anode X-Ray Diffractometer (Bruker AXS Mo TXS with an Oxford Diffraction Helijet), NMR 700 MHz Spectrometer.