Head of the Lab

Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Woźniak

Krzysztof Woźniak


Faculty of Chemistry
University of Warsaw
Pasteura 1 room 163-5
02-093 Warsaw
mailto: kwozniak@chem.uw.edu.pl
phone: +48 22 55 26 391
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-0277-294X

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Scientific Interests

Experimental studies of charge densities in crystals of interesting organic, inorganic compounds and minerals, polymorphism and interactions in pharmaceutical substances, supramolecular compounds, catalysts, model systems with interesting weak and strong interactions (proton sponges, Schiff bases, etc.), biological compounds, artificial molecular machines. I am also very much interested in methodological aspects of X-ray scattering and neutron diffraction particularly in methods going beyond Independent Atom Model (IAM).

Scientific Titles and Degrees

  • 2002: Professor – Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry;
  • 1998: Hab. – Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw, Crystallography, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Crystallography;
  • 1992: PhD – Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw, Crystallography;
  • 1986: Msc. – Chemistry Department, University of Warsaw, Crystallography;


  • Current research group (10 postdocs, 7 PhD students, 6 undergraduate students)
  • Conferences attended at least 70 international conferences all over the World, 60 invited lectures
  • Supervisor of 15 PhDs completed and another 6 currently in progress, 30 MSc thesis
  • Since 2015 elected the Fellow of the ChemPubSoc Europe society
  • 2007 Invited participant of the 21st Solvay Conference in Chemistry (on molecular machines)
  • Many national and University awards for teaching commitment and academic excellence


  1. OPUS 16; Title: „Advancing quantum crystallography for better insight into structure and properties of crystals”, in Polish: „Rozwijając krystalografię kwantową w celu lepszego wejrzenia w strukturę i właściwości kryształów”, NCN nu UMO-2018/31/B/ST4/02142, 2 194 600PLN, /01/10/2019 r. – /30/09/2023.
  2. OPUS 17; Title: „Phase transitions in minerals induced by pressure and studied by experimental charge densities – feasibility studies” in Polish: „Przejścia fazowe w minerałach indukowane ciśnieniem i badane za pomocą eksperymentalnych rozkładów gęstości elektronowej – studium wykonalności”, NCN nu DEC-2019/33/B/ST10/02671, 2 543 200PLN, /02/04/2020 – /31/03/2024
  3. OPUS 21; Title: „Quantum Crystallographic Quest for New Polymorphic Forms of Ice and Hydrates,” in Polish: „Kwantowo-krystalograficzne poszukiwania nowych odmian polimorficznych lodu i hydratów”, , NCN nu DEC-2021/41/B/ST4/03010, 3 978 400PLN, 01/03/2022 – 28/02/2026r.
  4. UW IDUB programme; Title: „Infractructure for Cryoelectron Microscopy and Electron Diffraction Laboratory”, in Polish: „Infrastruktura dla Laboratorium Kriomikroskopii i Dyfrakcji Elektronowej”, , Decision nu BOB-IDUB-622-51/2021, ca. 5 mln PLN,
  5. UW IDUB programme; Title: „Replacement of the CCD detector in single crystal X-ray diffractometer by HyPix-6000HE Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) detector”, in Polish: „Wymiana detektora CCD w dyfraktometrze rentgenowskim na hybrydowy detektor zliczający fotony (HPC) HyPix-6000HE”, , Decision nu: BOB-IDUB-622-29/2021, ca. 500 000 PLN
  6. IDUB decision; Joint grant with Prof. A. Kutner (Pharmacy Department WMU) entitled: “Development of structures of new vitamin D analogs as potential drugs to improve the effectiveness of standard ovarian cancer therapy”, in Polish: „Opracowanie struktur nowych analogów witamin D jako potencjalnych leków do poprawy skuteczności standardowej terapii raka jajnika”, BOB-661-324/2021, 20/07/2021- 30/12/2023, 120 000 PLN
  7. FNP TEAM TECH CORE FACILITY/2017-3/4 „Core facility for crystallographic and biophysical research to support the development of medicinal products”, 3 499 260 PLN +1 mln (extension) = in total: ca. 4.5 mln PLN, 1/02/2018 – 30/10/2022.
  8. NCBiR „Fast Track” WPD Pharmaceuticals Company grant entitled: “Development of a new drug used in the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme”, in Polish: „Rozwój nowego leku stosowanego w terapii glejaka wielopostaciowego”, #POIR.01.01.01-00-0912/17, 31.4mln PLN
  9. NCN MAESTRO grant entitled: ”Structure and charge distribution in crystals as a source of information on interactions of pharmaceutical substances”, in Polish:”Struktura i rozkład gęstości elektronowej w kryształach jako źródło informacji o oddziaływaniach substancji farmaceutycznych”, NCN nu: 2012/04/A/ST5/00609, 2 970 219PLN, /02/01/2013 – 1/12/2018
  10. NCN OPUS grant entitled: „Experimental charge densities and structural studies of minerals – feasibility study”, in Polish: „Eksperymentalne gęstości elektronowe i badania struktury minerałów – stadium możliwości”, NCN nu: 175407, Registration nu: 2011/03/B/ST10/05491, /20/08/2012-/01/04/2016, 416 570 PLN.
  11. KBN/NCN grant entitled: “Experimental electron densities of crystals as a source of information for the description of structures and physicochemical properties of unlimited-organic hybrid compounds”, in Polish: “Eksperymentalne gęstości elektronowe kryształów jako źródło informacji do opisu struktur i właściwości fizykochemicznych nieograniczono-organicznych związków hybrydowych”, nu 75839, registration nu: N N204 135138, 2010-2013, 418 200 PLN.


  • 2010-: Professor (in Polish system so-called ordinary professor);
  • 2008-: Head of Crystallochemistry Lab., Chemistry Dept., University of Warsaw;
  • 2007: Visiting professor, H. Poincare University at Nancy, France;
  • 2007-: Head of Structural Research Laboratory (SRL), Chemistry Dept., University of Warsaw;
  • 2004: Professor (in Polish system so called extraordinary), Chemistry Dept., University of Warsaw;
  • 1998: Adiunct, Chemistry Dept., University of Warsaw;
  • 1994-1995: Post-doctoral Research Associate – Chemistry Department, Cambridge University, UK (in groups of prof. W. Jones and prof. J. Klinowski);
  • 1987-1998: Assistant, Chemistry Deptm., University of Warsaw;
  • 1986-1987: Contract Assistant, Chemistry Dept., University of Warsaw;

Currently Head Of The Following Units

Fellowships and Awards

  • 1994-1995 Post-doc Royal Society and Polish Academy of Sciences Fellowship (Prof. William Jones and Prof. Jack Klinowski’s groups both at Chemistry Department, Cambridge University, UK)
  • 1990 – 2005 ca. 10 study visits as research associates at the Department of Chemistry, Cambridge University and several visits to University of Wales (Dr. Sian Howard) and Glasgow University ( Dr. Paul Mallinson,) + singular visits to University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (Prof. T.L. Barr), Central Florida at Orlando (Prof. S. Seal), University of Texas at Houston (Prof. W. Priebe), research institutions at Tsukuba, Tokyo, Sendai (Japan) and several universities in Denmark and India
  • Ca. 20 study visits to: ISIS Chilton, RAL Daresbury, Saclay, Grenoble, Diamond
  • 2007 Visiting professor – H. Poincare University at Nancy, France (Prof. C. Lecomte’s group)
  • 2014 Sabbatical stay: Chemistry Department, University of Cambridge, UK (Prof. W. Jones)
  • 2007 Invited participant of the 21st Solvay Conference in Chemistry (on molecular machines) ( I find this invitation to be my most prestigious scientific award so far).
  • Since 2015 Elected Fellow of the ChemPubSoc Europe society and member of a few domestic and international learned societies
  • 10/2018 – Prof. W. Świętosławski Research Prize awarded by the Department of Chemistry of UW (+ in the past years several others national and the University awards for teaching commitment and academic excellence);
  • 7 poster prizes at international and domestic conferences and 4 cover pages in different journals.
  • 2000: Polish Academy Prize – Research Prize of the III Department of PAS
  • 2000: Departamental Proze of the 2nd rank
  • 1999 Prime Minister Prize for the Outstanding Habilitation
  • 1999 Departamental distiction of habilitation
  • 1998 Team Prize (jointly with Prof. W. Kołodziejskim) of the Rector of Medical Academy, Warsaw for research accomplishments
  • 1996 Prof. Grabowskiego Departamental Award
  • 1996 Prof. Kemula Prize of the Pol. Chem. Soc.
  • 1994 Prof. W. Kemula Departamental Prize
  • 1989, 1991 Team Prize of Polish Minister of Education for research accomplishments
  • 1986 The 1st Prize of Pol. Chem. Soc, for the best MSc Thesis

Organising Committee And Membership

  • 2020, 2017 Member of the International Programme Committee of the 25th International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Congress at Prague (Czech Republic) and chairman of session at the IUCR Congress at Hydarabad, India (2017)
  • 2020 1st Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Conference replacing two annual meetings of the national crystallographic societies (Wrocław, Poland) – initiator of this Conference and member of joint Polish-German Organising Com.
  • 2001, 2010, 2013, 2018 European Crystallographic Association Congresses Member of the Programme Committee (ECM20, Krakow, Poland, 2001), chairman of sessions at ECM26 (2010, Darmstadt, Germany), ECM28 (Warwick, UK, 2013), member of the Scientific Committee of ECM31 at Oviedo (Spain, 2018)
  • 22/08/2018 – The chairman of the ECM31 Satellite Meeting on: “Progress in Instrumentation for X-Ray Diffraction and Cry-EM (Oviedo, Spain)”
  • 8 – 13 July 2018 -Member of the Int. Advisory Com.- The International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)‘s Sagamore XIX on Quantum Crystallography Halifax, Canada.
  • 2016 Head of the Organizing Committee of the 7th European Charge Density Meeting, 2016, CENT, Warszawa Poland – active attendance almost all conferences in this series (either scientific committee or presenting a lecture / communication or chairing sessions)
  • 2011, 2016 Member of the Organising Committee of Interdisciplinary International Conferences MULTI-POLE APPROACH TO STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY, WARSAW, POLAND
  • 2014 United Nations Year of Crystallography, 2014, Head of the Organizing Committee, International Symposium: „On the Past, Present and Future of Crystallographic Research in Poland”
  • 2006 18-th International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, ICPOC18, Warszawa, Poland, Vice-chair of the Organizing Committee.
  • 2017, 2018 Member of the Organizing Committee of the 4-th European Crystallographic School in Warsaw, Poland, (07.2017) and the Chairmen of the 1st conference of the University of Young Chemist, (Warsaw, 30/31 Aug. 2018) (for pupils form secondary schools in Warsaw).
  • Member of the Organising Committee of four “Smoleńsk Conferences” focused on explanation of the reasons of the Polish TU-154 aircraft crash close to the Smolensk Airport (Russia), Warsaw, Poland 11.2015, 10.2014, 10.2013 and on 10.2012.

Invited presentations to internationally established conferences within last 10 years

  • 25th Annual Meeting of Ger. Crystall. Society, Karlsruhe (Germany), 27–30/03/2017, X-Ray Structural Analysis Century after the Braggs – On Precision and Accuracy of Structural Information, plenary
  • Zentiva Pharmaceutical Company, 10-11 May 2017, Kabelovny 130, Prague, Czech Republic, What modern crystallography can add to pharmaceutical research?
  • Symposjum BCA, Sofia, Bulgaria, 05-07 October 2016, A Century After the Braggs – Crystallography Beyond the Independent Atom Model, plenary
  • European Charge Density Meeting 7, CENT Warsaw, Poland, 26/06-1/07/2016, A century after the Braggs: on precision and accuracy of X-ray results.
  • COST Action no. CM1402 Meeting, Action Title: From molecules to crystals – how do organic molecules form crystals (Crystallize), Marseille (France), 22–25/07/2015, On Precision and Accuracy of Structural Information – Beyond Independent Atom Model.
  • Agilent Technologies X-ray User Group Meeting; 26-27/02/2014, Oxford, UK, Experimental charge densities – our newest examples of applications.
  • Chemistry Department, Cambridge University, UK; 6 Oct., 2014, X-Ray Structural Analysis Century after von Laue and the Braggs – On the Quality of Single Crystal X-Ray Results.
  • Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Universität Göttingen, Germany, 8 July 2014, A century after the discoveries of Max von Laue and the Braggs – On the Quality of Single Crystal X-Ray Results.
  • 21st International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State, St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK, 3 – 9/08/ 2013, Dithiazyl Radicals – Structures and Charge Densities of their Crystals and Co-Crystals.
  • Agilent Users’ Meeting 25-28.02.2012, Oxford, UK, On the quality of single-crystal X-ray results.
  • International Conference on the Chemistry of the Organic Solid State, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 26-30/06/2011, On quantitative charge density studies of interactions in molecular crystals.
  • Meeting of the ACA, New Orleans, USA 28/05/–2/06/2011, On quantitative charge density studies of interactions in molecular crystals, Invited lecture in the session created to honour Prof. Philip Coppens
  • Charlottesville, Department of Chemistry, University of Virginia, USA, 7/06/2011, Quantitative charge density studies of interactions in molecular crystals.
  • 92nd Canadian Chemistry Conference of Canadian Chemical Society, Hamilton, Canada, 29/05/ – 3/06/2009, Continua of Interactions Between Pairs of Atoms in Molecular Crystals, Invited lecture to honour Prof. Richard Bader.
  • + 8 invited lectures at domestic conferences in Poland + 6 oral communications at, among others, Gordon Conference on Crystal Engineering, IUCR Congress in Hydarabad, EuCheMS Congress at Seville, Sagamore Conference in Japan and two ECM meetings at Rovinij and Darmstadt.

10 Most Important Publications