We are pleased to announce three open positions (2 adjuncts and 1 PhD student) in the project entitled Advancing quantum crystallography for better insight into structure and properties of crystals financed by National Science Centre (NCN).

Successful candidates will join Professor Krzysztof Woźniak’s group.

Please consult the documents below for details of each position.


Congratulations to our group members because of NCN Grants! We are very excited, because our Group lider, Profesor Krzysztof Woźniak was awarded by OPUS grant, dr Wojciech Sławiński also by OPUS grant, our PhD student Sylwia Pawlędzio by Preludium grant 🙂 Congratulations also goes to dr Mihails Arhangelskis, who won SONATA grant and will start work in our group in October!

Delia Haynes visiting our group

We are extremely happy that Professor Delia Haynes from Stellenbosch University from South Africa is visiting our group! Delia is an expert in crystal engineering, working mostly with radicals. In Warsaw Delia is conducting experimental charge density measurements and refinements in order to learn more about the nature of interactions between radicals.

More information about Delia’s research  can be found on her web site.